A List of Major Digital Marketing Trends for Marketers in 2023

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The digital market is undergoing rapid changes due to the rising number of internet users and the growth of technology. Also, customers are becoming more cautious about what they buy. To create winning digital marketing strategies, brands must be transparent and proactively leverage new technologies. Do you know that according to Gartner, 80% of B2B sales will take place in digital channels by 2025? Here are some of the chief digital marketing trends in 2023 that marketers can take advantage of and plan accordingly.

Big Digital Marketing Trends to look out for

Here are the top marketing trends to help you plan and devote your resources sensibly.

1. Marketing Centered on Gen Z

Youth-centered marketing is related to social media and the creator economy. The current generation, Gen Z, make up over 40 percent of the total purchasing population in the U.S. These people are commonly on social media platforms like TikTok.

Naturally, they interact more with brands on such platforms. TikTok provides a great platform for businesses to enhance their marketing. At the same time, brands are increasingly leveraging content creators to connect with their audience base. 

Apart from TikTok and Instagram, many buyers for B2B marketers are also there on LinkedIn. The usage of blog posts, videos, and user-generated content is a good way to usher business executives to use specific products and services. Brands are finding working with influencers and content creators on these platforms a valuable marketing strategy.

2. Boost in Video Marketing

Every marketer today is aware of the power of good videos. They are a great medium to inform and connect the customers to the brand. According to recent research, a whopping 86% of businesses use video marketing.

LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram are the three main channels where we’ll find branded video content in 2023. Most videos will be explainer types, as brands think they can best describe their product through a video.

Apart from them, behind-the-scenes videos give people an authentic view of the product or the brand. These help businesses showcase their company culture, ultimately humanize the brand, and foster customer trust.

3. More Focus on Engaging and Retaining Customers

Customer success in the form of more engagement and retention is one of the crucial digital marketing trends for 2023. There’s an increasing focus on building existing client relationships more than getting new customers.

Marketing is now not only about lead generation but also client retention. An outcome of this trend is to post relevant content that engages customers and creates connections. Relevant content is what will drive conversations with your clients and show that your business is all about solving their issues.

4. Email Marketing for Sharing New Developments 

It’s a known fact that almost everyone today has at least one email account. Thus, marketers will be using email marketing extensively to generate leads. This is not a new trend but one that will continue in 2023. Email presents itself as a highly accessible route for businesses to connect with their audience. 

They can use their email subscriber lists to reach out to existing customers regarding product launches. Email marketing can also be used to connect with those segments of email subscribers that haven’t yet purchased anything.

Small businesses are especially seeing the benefits of emails for product launches. They have considerably widened their profit margins through well-thought-out marketing emails.

5. A Boost in the Usage of Voice Assistants

From 2018 to 2022, there has been a massive increase in the number of people using voice assistants. Already in 2019, according to research, nearly three-quarters of buyers in the U.S. use the voice search feature via Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant.

As a result, voice search is one of the significant digital marketing trends for marketers. It means more focus on creating content like blog posts that would rank for voice-enabled search apart from general search. Using long-tail keywords and questions are other good ways to make your content geared for voice search.

6. Focus on Humanized Content for Customer Loyalty

Presently, people everywhere desire to connect with brands deeply. However, no one wants to engage with content that appears unauthentic. Put simply, digital content with a human-like personality is what will perform the best in 2023.

Your main focus must be to forge brand loyalty through digital marketing techniques. That means foregoing perfectly created social media feeds and embracing more realistic and un-airbrushed images and videos. It will remind your customers that you are also living in the same world as them and experiencing similar things.

An excellent way to strengthen your bond is by featuring mascots or characters throughout your marketing. Feature them in videos, emails, or app designs to impart authenticity to your brand.

7. Integration of A/V Technology 

Brands are doing anything they can to engage customers more with their ads. Integration of A/V technology into their marketing strategy is becoming the norm. Businesses are rethinking customer experience by creating branded visuals that engage with multiple senses.

The incorporation of A.V. technology undoubtedly creates a more memorable user experience. Thus, brands benefit from greater customer loyalty. 

Today, advanced A/V technology has become increasingly accessible. It means more brands are incorporating it into their product ads. This has led to an increase in customer expectations. So, businesses are searching for ways to advertise their products through this technology in a manner that users can have fun with. In short, A/V technology has reduced the reliance on past static digital marketing trends.

8. Appealing Website Design Through Empty Spaces

Another marketing trend is revamping websites and making them look best to attract customers. A crucial web design practice for brands in 2023 is to utilize lots of empty space. This space between content and images will shine a spotlight on the content. Also, it will prevent the website from feeling chaotic.

In the coming years, generic images will go away in place of custom graphics. The better the graphics on the website, the better the scope of showing your brand personality. This web design digital marketing trend is about using features such as parallax scrolling, animated cursors, and asymmetric styling.

9. A Stand for Social Causes

This is one of the digital marketing trends you simply cannot ignore in 2023. Social responsibility and inclusivity have become essential has customers are now interested in knowing the values that a company upholds. People want to see the social causes a business supports or their views on such subjects.

Inclusivity means branded content designed for every user. For example, website design that gives both a disabled and non-disabled person a similar experience. The more businesses center themselves around the morals they stand for, the better their chances of attracting more visitors. The brand’s social impact strategy must drive its content, graphics, and email topics.

10. Integration of Instant Messaging Into the Marketing Strategy

Today, people connect more with businesses responsive to their needs. Nobody wants to hear back from a company two or three days later. So, the emphasis is more on conversational marketing. In fact, it is one of the leading digital marketing trends marketers are using in any manner they can.

Some good ways to use it is by adding chatbots on the website to let visitors access help immediately. Apart from this, interactive website features such as personalized quizzes and tools also contribute to conversational marketing. They give quick answers to the burning queries of people.

Its common to see landscaping websites with mulch calculators to help homeowners know the amount of mulch they need for landscaping. This interactive content is a great way to enhance the visitor experience and facilitate their interaction with the brand.

11. Curated Content to Drive Conversions

Apart from original content, the next major trend in digital marketing is sharing curated content. It is the content from other brands that you share on your social media accounts. Think about industry news, press releases, interviews, and podcasts. 

This insightful content is a great way to showcase your trustworthiness and value. So, if you haven’t already thought about digging into the new developments in your industry, its time to do so.

Sharing curated content is one of those digital marketing trends that’s bound to enhance the credibility of your company in 2023.

12. More Security for Customers

Today more than ever, people perform many of their daily activities online. Naturally, online privacy has become a thing of concern. Businesses must remember to factor this in to retain and expand customers. Customers today will not interact with a brand that doesn’t respect their privacy. For them, loss of data is equal to physical theft.

Thus, brands are ensuring that they provide customers with experiences that help them feel in control of their data. Offering meaningful value while maintaining a privacy-centric focus is how marketers will function in 2023. Customers will have access to understandable tools to manage privacy better.

Top 5 Content Marketing Trends for 2023

Content marketing, an element of digital marketing, is continuously changing. To remain at the top of the competition, take advantage of these major marketing trends of 2023.

1. Thoughtful SEO

In 2023, you cannot hope to rank well on the search engines just by putting a bunch of keywords on your content. This tactic of filling content with keywords will get you nowhere. Instead, focus on becoming the authority on your topics.

Create relevant content that aligns with the needs of your target audience. It will make Google raise it to the top. Use click-through rates and engagement metrics to enhance your website’s position on the search engine.

2. Leverage Technology to Write Content

This is one of the biggest digital marketing trends concerning the content of 2023. Technology, in the form of A.I. and automation, is helping marketers generate more content in less time. While you cannot fully rely on A.I. to write 100 percent original content, it can certainly help increase the quantity of content.

A related thing is automation in the form of software like Zapier. These push content tasks in a business’s project management software. It can do things like generating video captions automatically. In 2023, technology like A.R. and V.R. will become more accessible to businesses.

3. Prioritizing User Experience

User experience has always been an integral part of a digital marketing plan. But today, its more important than before to impart an impeccable user experience.

Page speed, mobile performance, cohesive style, image placement, and quality are essential elements of user experience. A good way to find what your audience likes is by A/B testing. Use it to learn about features of your content that your target audience prefers the most.

4. Focus on Self-Guided Buyer’s Journey

Today’s customers are smart enough to understand a product and its function. Research reveals that over half of B2B buyers don’t hesitate to spend up to $50,000 on remote and self-service purchases. Thus, it has become essential for marketers in this domain to focus on creating content that augments the self-guided journey of the buyer. 

They must also create content pieces that suitably fit various sales funnel stages. In the sphere of products needing thorough research, the creation of self-guided content pieces will be one of the major digital marketing trends.

5. Continuing Importance of Backlinks

Some digital marketing trends that aren’t changing in 2023. One of them is the importance of backlinks. Google keeps changing its algorithm frequently. It only pays importance to backlink-worthy content and pushes it forward. 

So, create content marketing goals that are worth linking to. For example, turn an old blog post into an infographic. There are many ways to get creative and earn backlinks.

Wrapping up

2023 will be a year of various new changes. Use these digital marketing trends and prepare for a successful year ahead. A knowledge of these trends will help you analyze your strategy and tweak it to boost your brand awareness, sales, and online following. Contact us for more information about Digital marketing trends.