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  • Certifications globally recognized
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What skills will you acquire?

  • Video Editing
  • Video Creation
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Video Editing Course Details

  • Course Duration: 1- 3 Months
  • As Per Industry
  • Practical (70%) and Theory (30%)
  • 8 hours of study per week

What will you study in this class?

This course will teach you how to use a variety of editing products. With an emphasis on Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. We equip you with all of the tools and methods you'll need to succeed as a video editor.  

  • The student will learn about the main tools and software used in video editing.
  • The student will learn how to create captivating videos by looking at narrative structure
  • Practical strategies for adding flair to presentations are taught, such as animated text and logos.
  • Use of professional editing software for video editing, among other things.

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How do you get your Video Editing Certification?

Become a Participant in the Program

The first step to obtaining your Video Editing course certification is to enroll in the program we offer under our program. You can either sign up for a one-month program or a three-month program that will cover all the topics.

Join Classes with a Set Schedule

Video Editing Classes are offered regularly and range from beginner to intermediate. You should attend our regular classes. Trainers with good knowledge and experience led our Video Editing classes.

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Finally, after your Video Editing training, you will be awarded a recognized certification. You can add your certification to your LinkedIn profile, CVs, and other papers in the certificates section.

Get a quick overview of the Video Editing Course 

Video editing is a time-consuming procedure in the film business known as post-production. People may now edit videos easily because of the availability of free software and online information sharing. An online video editing course will introduce you to the principles of video editing. You will also go through the process, tools, and career choices available in the field.

It's not easy to make a video. You may have several ideas at times, or you may be stuck. So, where do you begin? How do you come up with stuff that is unique to you? Various video editing courses on the market can teach you the fundamentals. It will also assist you in learning professional video editing tools and techniques.

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Syllabus for Video Editing Course

My Learning Course

Our Video Editing Course is tailored to meet the increased demand of the digital and entertainment industries. We provide the most up-to-date video editing course in Delhi and Noida, and you may join us from anywhere because we provide online training. The following is a list of the topics covered in our online Video Editing Course.

  • Main States of Production
  • What is Video Editing
  • Analog and Digital Video
  • Categories of Editing (Linear and Nonlinear)
  • Video Standards and Terminology
  • Video Standard Formats
  • Video Broadcast
  • Streaming Video Technology
  • The codec
  • Know the Workspace
  • Working with a Project
  • Capturing the Video
  • Analog Media
  • Digital Media
  • Capturing Clips with Device Control
  • Using Offline Files
  • Working with Tools
  • Working with Clips
  • The Trimming Modes
  • What is the Timeline?
  • The Metadata Panel
  • Analyzing Content
  • Analyzing Content
  • Working with Sequence
  • Creating a Storyboard
  • Working with Transitions
  • Working with Effects
  • Integration with Other Software
  • Key Frames, Opacity and Superimposing
  • Chroma Key Options
  • RGB Difference Key Options
  • Using Matte Keys
  • Color Management and Correction
  • Creating Titles
  • Key Frames, Opacity and Superimposing
  • Chroma Key Options
  • RGB Difference Key Options
  • Using Matte Keys
  • Color Management and Correction
  • Creating Titles
  • Render and Exporting Video
  • Exporting Video
  • Export Formats
  • Working with Adobe Media Encoder

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What is the definition of video editing?

Video editing is the process of rearranging different shots and sequences to generate a completely new output from a video. It's also the process of assembling, cleaning up, and finishing a video for presentation or production. It's most commonly used to describe post-production labor, which continues after all the shots and video captured.

What are the many kinds of Video Editing?

Depending on the software and context, there are numerous types of video editing. Take a look:

Linear Editing

It is shot on videotape and edited linearly. Several video segments from many tapes are combined to make a single tape, in which they will emerge. Many people still prefer to utilize this approach for video editing even though it is one of the more traditional methods.

Nonlinear Editing

It enables the editing of videos on computers using specialist software. As previously said, this technique does not harm the raw video material. It is accomplished by several editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and many more.

Cloud-based Editing

You could call it a modern method for video editing, and it quickly gained popularity. It's the practice of using the internet to edit content remotely, interactively, or in real-time, like editing live sports activity in real-time using lower-resolution copies of original material. 

Offline editing

Raw footage file is duplicated from a source such as VHS, stock film, without changing the source. Soon after the editing, a video editor reassembles the original media in the online editing step.

Online Editing

After offline editing, it's the process of putting the edit back together as a full-resolution video. It is near the end of the video production process, and every editor is probably eager to get their videos to this point as soon as possible.

Who can benefit from taking a Video Editing Course?

You can use video editing abilities to arrange and rearrange video shots to create a unified framework. To edit films professionally you will need a combination of technical and soft talents. There are several paid, and free video editing courses available to gain the skills. Video editing abilities are used in a broad variety of vocations, including:

My Learning Course

Why should you learn Video Editing with us?

My Learning Course is your best bet if you are wondering where I can find a Video Editing Course near me. We provide extensive training for our students, allowing them to learn from industry leaders. Our well-structured curriculum will guide you through each step of the video editing process. My Learning Course provides you with the best Video Editing course in Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi region. 

Opportunities for a career in Video Editing

Video editing is a fantastic career opportunity for people of all ages, as well as a fascinating profile. Video editors are required in a variety of settings, including news, film, public relations, and advertising, reality television, and mobile video. You can see that video accounts for more than 90% of the content you consume nowadays. As the demand for video editing grows in every industry, so does the demand for video editors. Professional video editors have begun to earn millions of dollars from editing, and video production is on the rise. As a result, you can confidently embark on a career as a video editor. The following are some of the most common job roles in the field of video editing:

Editor of a TV studio
Editor of Film
Video editor for events
Freelance Video Editor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Every time you check Instagram, go to movies, or watch YouTube, a video editor works on it. Being able to communicate your message through video material is critical for every digital business. As a video editor, you'll gain hard skills that will pay off financially, and the job market is growing each year.

All video content, including films and tv shows, video commercials, and video essays, is structured and presented through video editing. Editing software for personal computers has drastically revolutionized video editing in recent years.

Our Video Editing Course fees is INR 15000/-, that is fairly reasonable in the market when all variables such as course quality, trainer expertise, placement support, and so on are taken into account.

That is, without a doubt, the goal. One thing to keep in mind: just possessing the skills won't get you a job. You should focus on your portfolio. When you've finished the course, you'll have access to a whole community of video editors who are eager to provide input about any portfolio pieces you're working on.