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Market-leading YouTube training

Our YouTube Marketing course is designed to teach you the five key steps to turn your YouTube channel into a source of income. You'll discover how YouTube marketing works by utilizing the 'algorithm' to boost video views. You'll also learn how to develop, upload, and optimize YouTube videos to get the most out of them.

YouTube Course's Highlights

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Adaptable Learning strategy 
  • Quizzes for Practice
  • Peer Feedback on Graded Assignments
  • Programming Assignments with Grades
  • Shareable Certificate
  • 100% assistance with the job

YouTube Marketing Course details

  • Course Duration: 1.5 Months
  • Course Fee: As per Industry
  • Online class timings: 11 am to 8 pm
  • Offline class timings: 11 am to 5 pm

What will you learn from this course?

Understanding the platform's functionality is critical to your marketing approach. We'll show you how to create an effective content strategy and how you can correctly optimize your videos for organic search. The following are the things you'll learn in the YouTube Marketing Course.

  • Make a schedule for when and what you will post
  • Identify YouTube features to ensure the discovery of your material by the target audience 
  • Curate your whole content inventory to increase and maintain engagement
  • Create a distribution and promotion plan that works
  • Increase video views and engagement by cross-promoting content
  • YouTube advertising help with SEO
  • Monetization on YouTube

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What are the skills you'll acquire?

  • YouTube video uploading
  • Making use of Creator Studio
  • Making a YouTube channel
  • Making use of the Analytics tool

How to Become a ProYouTube Marketer?

Well-designed curriculum

YouTube is a tricky subject for a lot of individuals! Our team has gone so far as to develop an integrated curriculum. Our certified specialists will go into the fine details of the YouTube marketing course. You can gain a better understanding of the subject. The best part is that students may keep track of their progress to ensure a positive experience.

Real-Time Learning

We adopt a practical approach by involving our students in project-based learning. To acquire credentials, you must showcase practical knowledge and skills. We engage students in a variety of activities that give them greater confidence. Our industry experts will also provide you with thorough help for your corporate interviews and career placements.

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Student Review

Certificate of Recognition

As your course concludes, you'll be ready to begin working on generating successful YouTube videos. Finally, we award you a recognized certification for completing the course with us. This certificate can be included in the Certifications part of your LinkedIn profile, printed resumes, and other documentation.

YouTube Marketing Course curriculum

My Learning Course
  • YouTube Marketing Introduction
  • Facts about YouTube Marketing
  • What is a YouTube business account
  • Process to create a YouTube business account
  • Learn the process to create a YouTube channel
  • How to customize your YouTue account
  • Use of web browser to upload YouTube videos
  • Use of mobile app to upload YouTube videos
  • Optimize your YouTube videos for SEO
  • What is a keyword on YouTube
  • How do you research keywords
  • What is video thumbnails
  • How to create YouTube video thumbnails
  • What is YouTube end screen
  • How to join the YouTube end screen in your video
  • What is a YouTube playlist
  • How to create a playlist on YouTube
  • How to share videos on YouTube
  • YouTube deleting a video
  • YouTube SEO Tools for ranking
  • Understanding copyrights and spam
  • Making money from YouTube
  • How to use YouTube Analytics
  • How to grow views and subscribers on YouTube
  • Building your brand on Youtube
  • Customer engagement strategies

YouTube for Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

YouTube was created to make it easy to share videos. Now, it has evolved into the go-to platform for promoting anything, including brands and companies. In today's environment, having a working understanding of YouTube, from how to register an account to how to sell on the platform, is essential. YouTube dominates the video streaming business. It is the world's second most popular search engine, with over 1.8 billion active users. It's popular in a variety of nations and among different age groups. YouTube has a wide variety of content.

Do you want to promote your business on YouTube? Want to become a tech savvy marketer? If that's the case, then this is the course for you! My Learning Course, like many other renowned institutions, offers the greatest YouTube digital marketing course. You can take this course to improve your marketing strategy or grow as a professional YouTuber.

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What is YouTube Marketing and Why Should You Use It?

YouTube marketing is the activity of promoting businesses and products on YouTube. You can publish valuable videos to a company's YouTube channel or through using YouTube ads. YouTube is growing at a quicker rate than any other media because video is such a compelling tool. After Google, it is the world's second highest viewed website. Since its beginning, it has had almost 2 billion monthly active users around the world. So, if you're looking to broaden your traffic sources or simply get your brand in the front of your target demographic, YouTube marketing is the best way to go. Here you can learn about the most promising advantages of using YouTube Marketing.

Heavy Traffic

YouTube is rapidly expanding, with over 5 billion videos watched every day! This is significantly more traffic than on any other platform. Even if you do not even make a lot of videos for your company, you still can reach a large audience by promoting your content on all other people's videos. Because YouTube has so much traffic, you'll almost certainly uncover new consumers if you cater to their wants. 

Increases Visibility

You may have noticed that videos appear more frequently in Google search results than other types of content. You can take full advantage of this by generating videos from the high-quality material on your website and uploading them to YouTube. It will result in backlinks to your website, allowing your company to be noticed more frequently on Google searches. 

Increases Conversion

A video is worth a million words if a picture is worth a thousand. Furthermore, videos can elicit more emotion than any other type of content. They transform your messaging from text to dynamic and entertaining animations, bringing your company to life. This unique and engaging content can significantly increase your conversion rate.

Various Video Formats

Another important benefit of YouTube marketing is the variety of videos you may make to promote your business online. Explainer videos, marketing videos, presentation videos, social media videos, and video commercials are the most popular categories of videos on YouTube. You can more simply adapt one piece of material to a variety of formats.

Is YouTube a good place to promote your business?

While you're debating whether or not your company should have a YouTube presence, other companies are already paving the way in video marketing. YouTube is a must-have marketing tool almost for any business in any industry. Here are three compelling reasons to use YouTube to promote your business:

    Make your brand credible

  • Building trust and establishing brand authority with video marketing is a good idea. It also makes it much easier to communicate with and engage customers.
  • Create trust and credibility

  • If it comes to consumer acquisition, trust is important as a brand. You can allow customers to observe and rate your products and services by uploading content to YouTube. 
  • Enhances audience participation

  • Videos are an excellent way to interact with your audience. It helps to deliver a more personal experience than traditional forms of marketing. Marketers can engage their audience on YouTube in a range of ways.
My Learning Course

Who is a YouTube Marketing course beneficial to?

YouTube has educational value, as you may know. That's correct, you can do more than just have fun with your favorite entertainment hub. Everything you require is available to you at our facility. Our YouTube digital marketing course will assist you in getting started and establishing a long-term following for your business. Small business owners that have little or no experience with social media marketing can benefit from this training. A YouTube Marketing course can help a variety of people. 

  • Social Media Marketers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Aspiring Marketers
  • Small business owners

Why should you learn YouTube marketing from us?

If you're serious about mastering YouTube marketing, then our top online YouTube certification course is for you. The good news is that our YouTube marketing course is reasonably priced.  This course will help you smartly tap into the digital audience, whether you're wanting to raise brand awareness, modify brand perceptions, introduce a new product, or increase sales. 

  • Provide top-tier industry experts for training.
  • Opportunity to work on real-life projects
  • Our YouTube Marketing Course is up-to-date 
  • Our program adheres to industry norms
  • We help our students prepare for interviews
  • We provide full placement assistance
My Learning Course
My Learning Course

What are the career options in YouTube marketing?

YouTube is among the most promising professions in today's world. It's a career with a lot of room for advancement. Additional perks like work freedom, the option to express yourself, chances to show off your creativity, and a chance to become famous. A digital marketing course YouTube will educate you on how to increase your subscriber count. Also you will know how to improve the quality of your video content on YouTube. If being creative and thinking beyond the box gets your blood pounding, this could be the career for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

YouTube marketing is a technique that comprises creating videos. Also uploading videos on YouTube to promote a company or product. It helps companies increase traffic, extend their customer base, and reach out to new audiences.

Beginners who wish to learn how to promote on YouTube should stick to the basics. After you've mastered the fundamentals, you can progress to more advanced subjects.

If you complete any course with My Learning Course, you will be entitled to a certificate. After you finish our YouTube marketing course online, you will also get a shareable certificate. You can include the certificate on your CV and share it on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook.

The short answer is that it is dependent on a variety of factors. The target demographic and the keywords you wish to bid on determine the price of a YouTube ad.

YouTube features a well-developed advertising platform. YouTube is a platform powered by Google Adwords. Unlike sketchy websites where you can buy views, YouTube has no issues in using video ads to acquire views on the videos.