Highlights of Our SEM Online Course

My Learning Course is the leading online institute for digital marketing and other relevant courses. The following are the highlights of our Search Engine Marketing training.

Live Online Sessions

  • Learn from the comfort of your home as our industry expert tutors organize real-time, engaging classes for a world-class learning experience.

Interactive Digital Classrooms

  • My Learning Course has a complete focus on imparting the best of knowledge among its students. Enjoy collaborative online classrooms and maximize your SEM understanding.

Flexible Approach

  • Acquiring knowledge shouldn't stop due to the time-bar. You can learn with My Learning Course anytime as our instructors are highly flexible. Nothing should stop you from growing!

What you'll learn in our SEM course

Our Search Engine Marketing course can help you improve your skills and move your career forward in the right direction. You will receive the most in-depth search engine marketing training available so that you can have a flourishing professional career.

SEM can be further divided into three major categories. Let’s have a look at each one of them.

Search Engine Optimization

A perfect way to boost webpage ranking in SERPs, drive traffic and gain online visibility. Businesses can enjoy higher conversions by applying appropriate SEO practices. The two core elements are:

On-page SEO : Working on the content to boost website ranking such as Meta titles, keywords, and content quality.

Off-page SEO :Optimizing the website through outside efforts such as backlinking, composing sharable content, etc.

Search Engine Advertising

It is a highly advanced way to pay search engines to make your ads display on the topmost search results. Improve website ranking organically through measurable efforts. A smart way to target the users looking for specific keywords is through interactive advertisements. The targeting factors evaluated by Google for such ads are language, remarketing lists, location, and daily/weekly hours.

Further, a search engine ad could use ad extensions. This includes an extension for site link, phone call, call out, review, message, and location. The ads are generally paid via PPC (Pay-per-click) or CPM (Cost-per-mile) models.

Paid Submission

List a company's details on the paid online directories and boost its online citation. Consequently, it improves the search engine visibility of the sites. This is one of the best ways to display the services in front of potential customers. Further, it ensures quick site indexing and improves Google ranking

Now is the time to enroll in a Search Engine Marketing course. We help you overcome the skills gap and get you ready for work.

Well-Planned Curriculum

Search engine marketing could be a tricky subject for many! Hence, our team has gone above and beyond to curate a highly integrated syllabus. We cover every essential aspect of the real-world marketing scenarios in just the right amount of detail. Whether it is PPC, keywords, or any complex topic, our certified experts will go into the depths to widen your understanding of SEM. The best part is, students can keep track of their progress to ensure an enriching experience.

Learn From Real-Time Projects

We believe in following a practical approach by involving our students in project-based learning. Earn your certifications by proving your expertise and knowledge practically. We indulge students in multiple activities, such as running a Google AdWords campaign and handling it all by themselves. This strategy also fosters confidence among the learners. Further, our industry experts offer complete assistance throughout your professional interviews and job placements.

Become An Expert

As your course comes to an end, you will be ready to take up the marketing world with excellence in SEM. Prove your prowess by attaching our Google Adwords certification with job applications and outshine others. Have any queries? Get in touch with our support team today!

Our SEM online course curriculum has been tailored to the specific requirements of organizations working on real-world projects. Here’s a sneak-peak into the topics our search engine marketing course will cover!

The process of enhancing a brand's visibility on search engines through paid adverts is known as search engine marketing. SEM is the most profitable marketing discipline. PPC, Google AdWords, paid advertising campaign creation, tracking, optimization, and remarketing all topics are covered in-depth in a Search Engine Marketing course. You will obtain a thorough understanding of the technical discipline of Search Engine Marketing by enrolling in one of our best SEM Courses. You'll discover the inner workings of search engines. Learn how to get the best results by combining organic and paid searches. You'll learn how to use SEO tools, which will assist you in preparing for the more difficult task ahead.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing strategies, including paid advertisements, help improve a website’s visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It is an effective way to achieve organic growth and transform any brand’s online behavior. Advertisers can put their ads in front of the targeted audience and prospective buyers at the most relevant moment when they are about to make a purchase.

My Learning Course
My Learning Course

How Does SEM Work?: Let’s Uncover The Marketer’s Perspective

Wouldn’t it be right to define SEM as self-serving operations? All you, the future marketers, would need to do is choose a network. Next, put the campaign up and running. As a marketer, you are required to take care of certain factors, such as:

  • 1. Perform keyword research and choose niche-specific keywords.
  • 2. Decide the geographical location within which you want to display your ad.
  • 3. A text-based advertisement to show in the search results of the customers.
  • 4. Bidding on a price their customers are willing to pay for each click on the ad.

Smart Google Ad Ranking System For Search Engine Marketing

Google Adwords works on the phenomena of live auctions where the advertisers place bids in the Adwords system to avail of a specific ad position. The business can then either acquire the desired position, or a lower one as per the competition and bids by other advertisers.

So, what’s the criteria to decide the actual ad position? Simply multiply your maximum bid by your quality score. Our expert tutors will go deep and explore all these topics to their maximum potential.

The maximum bid reflects the amount an advertiser is willing to pay when viewers click on the ad. However, the quality score shows the optimization of an ad, the expected CTR, the quality of the landing pages, and how relevant the ad is to the seekers. Needless to say, better ad rank means higher possibilities of the ad being displayed on the search results.

Google rewards a high-performing Google Adwords campaign and quality ads with discounted per click prices. Further, it lets them enjoy a better ad ranking. Consequently, it helps the ads display on the topmost results, above the organic listing.

To ace in this Google ad ranking concepts, you need to be attentive towards

Learn the complexities of search engine marketing and its essential tools with the My Learning Course experts.

My Learning Course

How SEM Course help Affiliate Marketers & Businesses

An SEM specialist could boost their clients’ business and streamline it. You can become an expert and offer your expertise to Affiliate Marketers and businesses by completing a recognized Search Engine Marketing Certification course.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process through which affiliates earn a certain amount of commission to market other company’s or individual’s products. To simplify, affiliates look for a product for their choice and then promote it. Thus, earning their profit through each sale. Hence, it is a successful way for both, website owners and affiliates to accelerate their sales through SEM practices

Many people know how to start affiliate marketing, but they feel disheartened due to the lack of results. That’s when search engine marketing comes into the picture and changes everything. We teach you how to help your clients boost their sales and conversions through our integrated SEM course!

My Learning Course
My Learning Course

Major Types Of Affiliate Programs

With search engine marketing, you can harness the true potential of affiliate programs by putting in diligent and smart efforts. The significant types of affiliate programs are:

Most Popular & High-Paying Affiliate Programs By E-Commerce Giants

  • Flipkart Affiliate Marketing : Flipkart offers affiliate marketing through which anyone can promote a wide range of products among their contacts. A Flipkart affiliate can earn up to 15% commission. This eventually drives their sales. By incorporating search engine marketing practices into your website, you can now earn a significant amount of money. The best part about the Flipkart affiliate marketing program is, it is completely performance-based. This means the SEM is highly required to improve the portal's traffic and capture the right audience.
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing : Now, create unique product links, promote them, sell them and earn a considerable profit. The affiliate marketing Amazon program is highly used by website owners, bloggers, and influencers. All you need is a site with heavy traffic, and half of your work is done. SEM specialists play a huge role in boosting a site’s traffic by applying useful search engine marketing strategies. The conversion rates matter as it reflects the number of people clicking on the affiliate link and purchasing the product.
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Great course; the professors were really knowledgeable and helpful. The course content has been carefully planned. Join this course if you wish to grow your professional career.

SEM Courses Online FAQs

Our Search Engine Marketing course is exclusively designed to teach you paid and organic ways to boost search engine results. This includes PPC, Google Adsense, Google AdWords, etc.

Absolutely! We have hand-picked our highly qualified and experienced SEM experts to provide you with a fulfilling experience. Learn from the best!

Anyone who has completed their post-secondary education can pursue our SEM course. All you need to have is a drive to learn and a passion to boost your skills.

We believe in building efficient SEM experts through our extensive training. Get hands-on learning experience with Semrush, Wordstream, Optmyzr, Spyfu, Supermetrics, etc., and manage cohesive campaigns.

The digital ways of marketing have replaced the traditional ones. SEM is a powerful career option that opens the doorways to success. Now, assist e-businesses in accelerating their sales through our professional guidance.

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