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What will you learn in WordPress Training?

This WordPress tutorial will show you how to get started with website development. You will learn all you need to know right from registering your domain to creating a functional and attractive website.

  • Install WordPress on your computer, whether you're using a PC or a Mac.
  • Learn how to utilize and navigate the WordPress dashboard.
  • Create posts and pages, and understand the differences.
  • Understand how to locate and install plugins and themes.
  • Create a website with WordPress that is both useful and attractive.
  • Invent your menus and navigation systems.
  • Make a responsive website that looks great in any browser.

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How to earn a WordPress Certificate?

Enroll in a class

First and foremost, you must choose a certification you wish to obtain. You can participate in our online certification training course for WordPress development.

Attend the classess

The learners' next stage in our program framework is participating in live sessions. Engage in live projects all while completing the course syllabus.

Obtain a certification

When the entire course curriculum completes, the final step is to acquire a certificate from My Learning Course. This certificate will add value to your resume if you look for a job.

Complete Guide to WordPress Development course?

You may now create a professional-looking website if you've ever wanted to but weren't sure where to begin. With the widely used WordPress platform, creating one is straightforward. WordPress Online Courses for Beginners provides a thorough education for everyone, regardless of technical expertise. There are no prerequisites for this training. Free, customized, and user-friendly themes are available in WordPress, allowing you to construct a great website with very little programming knowledge.

What is the definition of WordPress?

WordPress is a website-building factory. It's a website hosting and development content management system. You may personalize any website with WordPress's plugin architecture and template system to suit your business, blog, portfolio, or online store. WordPress is a software to create web pages by receiving the raw data from the database and processing it via codes, themes, and plugins.

Job openings in WordPress development?

WordPress developers with the necessary professional abilities, tools, and attributes are in high demand today. WordPress programming is an appealing career route for many technical beginners since it pays well. Several institutes offer a WordPress course in Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi with reasonable pricing structures. Learning WordPress programming and becoming an expert in the area is an excellent career step.

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Syllabus for WordPress Development Course

My Learning Course

This course will equip you with the information and abilities you'll need to become a proficient user. Years of training and teaching methods help design a simple curriculum that you can tailor to your specific learning needs. You can learn WordPress development with this complete course.

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • WordPress Themes
  • Mapping URLs to specific templates
  • Basic Theme Directory Structure
  • Add Shortcode
  • Add/remove contact info for users
  • Add action, add editor-style, add menu page
  • Add submenu page, add theme support
  • Admin Dashboard Widgets
  • AJAX request with a JSON response
  • AJAX submission in OOP using a basic class and a nonce
  • Specific loop targeting
  • Show posts from only one category
  • Pre get posts to filter basic usage
  • Exclude category from posts list edit share
  • Change posts per page for the main loop
  • Targeting only the main WordPress loop
  • Definition and Requirement
  • Template Overwriting
  • WordPress theme and child-theme development
  • Argument
  • Avoid Duplicated Post
  • Custom Post Type Archive
  • Custom Post Type Single template
  • Creating a custom template
  • Custom excerpts with excerpt length and more
  • Add Panel, Section, Setting, Control
  • Customizer Hello World
  • Introduction
  • Enqueuing scripts, Styles
  • Function: wp trim words
  • Function: add action
  • Introduction
  • Home path, Option, permalinks
  • Template part, Category, Title, Home URL
  • How to integrate Markdown editor
  • Advanced Custom Fields repeater Add
  • Making network requests with HTTP
  • Meta Box Introduction
  • Options API, Plugin development
  • Post Formats, Querying posts
  • Content & Excerpt: Remove Auto Line Breaks
  • Remove Version from WordPress and Stylesheets
  • Run WordPress local with XAMPP
  • Secure your installation
  • Security in WordPress
  • Shortcode, Shortcode with attribute
  • Update WordPress Manually
  • WordPress Plugin creation

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What is the best way to get started with WordPress?

There are several steps to create your first website using WordPress because it is a self-hosted platform. Check out the steps below for a thorough tour of the procedure.

Register for a Web Host plan

You'll need access to the web server, which is a storage location for your website's data and files that may send information via the internet to anyone who visits your domain. It necessitates the purchase of a hosting package.

Look Inside Control Panel

You'll want to familiarize yourself with your control panel once you've signed up for a hosting package. You can begin by logging in, then take a look around from the user panel login page. All of the tools that you will need to manage a website can be found in the control panel.

Get a Domain Name

It is the one-of-a-kind web address that is used to host your website. Choose a domain that is unique, and memorable but also simple for visitors to recall. You can check with a web hosting provider to determine whether your preferred domain is accessible.

Obtain Access to Customize

It's finally time to start working on that website you've been thinking about. When you move to the WordPress dashboard, a get started wizard will open at first. You can provide information to the wizard that it can use to populate other portions of your site, like your social network profiles.

Begin to Create Content

In WordPress, there are two major categories of content posts and pages, however, some themes and plugins provide additional possibilities. Because they both use the same beginner-friendly editor, putting up your very first pieces of content will be a delight.

What can WordPress help you do?

WordPress started as a modest blogging platform. That means it offers many features to make it ideal for blogs, and it's possibly the best solution for that. WordPress is no longer simply for a personal blog. You may use it to build almost any form of the website. The types of sites that WordPress can help you with are listed below.

Portfolios on the internet

Setting up an online portfolio to exhibit your achievements and expertise display your work, and former projects are simple with the proper WordPress theme.

Websites for affiliates

The WordPress group has many specialized options if you wish to construct an affiliate marketing website or monetize your blog in another way.

Websites that publish news

The blog format of WordPress lends itself nicely to news stories, and some of the same functionalities apply to both blogging and news sites.

E-commerce website

Several WordPress solutions can help you manage an e-commerce website store.

Hubs for social interaction

You may quickly develop online forums, knowledge bases, fan sites, wikis, and many other types of communities for social interaction.

Sites for businesses

Regardless of how big or small your company is, you may share content, provide contact information, including your branding, and establish an online presence.

Why Choose us for WordPress Course?

You can choose us to learn a WordPress course because we are one of the most well-known institutions in this industry. We can share our knowledge and expertise with our pupils to improve their performance and sharpen their abilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This course is designed for anyone with no prior computer, graphics, or coding expertise. Even if you have no experience with web design, WordPress tutorial for beginners allows you to construct and maintain a website. This training is for you if you want to construct a new website or blog, or if you want to handle an existing WordPress website.

The solution is a well-structured online learning platform led by a skilled educator. Beginners can familiarize themselves with the platform by taking online WordPress courses. Learning the principles of web design and website building will be beneficial. Students have complete control over their learning experiences and can proceed at their own speed.

Yes, WordPress is simple to use even if you have no prior experience with coding or computer programming. WordPress was created to be user-friendly for people of all skill levels. The user interface is straightforward and friendly to newcomers. Users can accomplish most of their editing with a single click, while WordPress takes care of the coding from the back end.

Because of its ease, WordPress is a popular platform for hosting websites and blogs. Its user-friendly attributes make it simple for anyone with no coding or website design experience to construct sites. The system is incredibly customizable and search engine friendly. WordPress developed a reputation as a leader in website hosting since it emerged in the initial days of web blogging.