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How Specialization In Digital Marketing Courses Works

Choose A Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is a vast world that offers endless opportunities to succeed. To begin with, students need to identify which segment appeals to them to master a skill. They can review the best digital marketing courses, check their syllabus, compare them, plan their classes and enroll for digital marketing course certification. Once they start attending their classes online, they can track their progress and prepare themselves for their bright future.

Project-Based Learning

We believe in student-centered pedagogy. It makes students understand the real challenges associated with the digital marketing world. Only when a student completes the project with excellence, the digital marketing course certification is earned. Thereafter, we prepare students to appear for the interviews and get placements.

Get Specialization Certificate

To depict the excellence in the subject, students will be rewarded with specialization certificates after the completion of their digital marketing course and projects successfully. These certificates can be shown as proof of your skills and knowledge during placements and interviews.

Course Curriculam

  • introduction to Digital
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Planning and Creating a Website
  • Email Marketing

Take a look at Digital Marketing Courses modules

Our Digital Marketing courses feature a variety of modules that will teach you all of the skills you'll need to succeed in the digital world. You can see the modules that are included in our online Digital Marketing course here.

  • What is digital marketing?
  • Learn about the scope and benefits of Digital Marketing.
  • The Most Effective Way to Learn Digital Marketing
  • What is WordPress and how does it work?
  • Creating a WordPress Website
  • WordPress.com vs WordPress.org
  • Developing Content Concepts
  • How to write effective Headlines
  • Process for Creating Effective Content
  • Facebook marketing
  • Twitter Ads, Instagram ads, Linkedin ads
  • Social networking platforms
  • Content creation for social media platforms
  • What is the definition of a search engine?
  • Different Search Engines
  • What is SEO?
  • What are the different types of SEO?
  • SEO's major goals and objectives
  • Google ads, Binge ads
  • Identifying advertising objectives
  • Keyword research, Create a landing page
  • Campaign optimization and designing
  • How to put your ads on the web?
  • What are the components of display ads?
  • Display advertisement types
  • What is Email Marketing and How Does It Work?
  • How to Begin Email Marketing?
  • What Is the Most Effective Email Marketing Software?
  • What is Google Analytics and how does it work?
  • Bounce Rates e. Session vs. Users in Google Analytics
  • How to make Google Analytics work with a website
  • Account Structure in Google Analytics

Add Certifications To Enhance Your Resume

Earn your Digital Marketing Certificate

The certificate can be earned only after completing the course successfully. So, it will be proof of your hard work and excellence.

Digital Marketing Certificate makes you competitive

Having knowledge about something is one thing but working on hands-on projects gives our students a whole new level of experience which is actually needed in industries. This course helps you to stand ahead of the competition.

Share your achievement

Showcase your excellence in the digital marketing segment with the My learning course certificate and share it with your peers and social circle. This will make the resume unique and impressive.

Digital Marketing Courses Student Reviews

What Our Students Says

Benefited from our well-designed digital marketing courses online, here is what our students have to say about their learning experience and achievements.

All About Growing Career In Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Advertising on online platforms like search engines, websites, social channels, email, and mobile applications all comes under Digital marketing (online marketing) practices. It refers to strategizing and marketing you, your brand, products/services on the web so it reaches a wide audience irrespective of the time and their place.

Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Depending on the specialization you choose while pursuing the Digital marketing course, you will get to run the following type of campaigns. Each type of advertising campaign seeks to achieve a specific action in a selected group of the target audience. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is the most effective way to drive high-quality leads (HQL) in the minimum possible time. It is used to display ads on a search engine such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads. This marketing technique drives traffic of potential customers on the website or a dedicated landing page so they can easily make the purchase. This advertising technique is also referred to as pay per click (PPC) as every click on the advertisement costs the marketer.

Social Media Marketing

SMM is another branch included in a digital marketing course. It includes advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Social media platforms are easily accessible bu consumers. Therefore, this marketing technique is most effective for direct marketing and interact with potential customers

Email Marketing

In comparison to other advertising methods, email marketing is more specific to the target audience. Here the emails are sent only to the current or the potential customers hoping that the customers who are unable to make the decision about making the purchase stay connected with the brand and become loyal customers. Whereas sending emails to the existing customer base helps in customer retention which is a total win-win for businesses.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an online digital marketing technique that acts as a backbone of online marketing. It refers to optimizing various aspects of the website to make it technically strong and structure the content present online so that it gets utilized effectively. If a website is powered by SEO, it is both user-friendly and search engine friendly. This technique helps in bringing the website on top of the search engine results organically (without paid advertising).

Content Marketing

Every digital marketing campaign mentioned above can not succeed if you don’t have a proper content marketing strategy. It involves the creation of content that appeals to the target audience and attracts them towards the brand, its story, its products, and its services. It is not necessary that content is always promotional, it is also effective if it initiates a conversation between the customer and the brand.

Jobs in Digital Marketing:

The opportunities you can get after successfully completing a digital marketing course are innumerable. The package you get after beginning your career in the digital world totally depends on you, your skills, and the specialization you choose

  • The average salary of a Search Engine Optimisation Specialist (2021)- INR 247,606/ year
  • The average salary of a Pay-Per-Click Analyst (2021)- INR 305,209/ year
  • The average salary of a Web Developer (2021)- INR 310,587/ year
  • The average salary of a Content Marketing Manager (2021)- INR 608,826/ year
  • The average salary of a Social Media Marketing Specialist (2021)- INR 345,274/ year
  • The average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager (2021)- INR 548,755/ year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Digital Marketing Course can help you excel in various fields like website development, SEO, SEM, online reputation management (ORM), running paid campaigns (PPC), data analysis, customer behaviour analysis, etc. These segments help in market research, lead generation, and making marketing strategies for the future.

Digital marketing is a widely popular and significant department in every company. Some of the popular roles for a digital marketer are-

  • Email marketing manager
  • Analytics manager
  • Copywriter
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Web manager
  • Ecommerce manager
  • SEO manager
  • PPC Search Manager and much more.
There is a paradigm shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing in recent years. We all have witnessed that. So, it would not be wrong to expect that in the future, companies will invest a lion’s share of their marketing budget in digital marketing.
The average salary any beginner/ entry-level digital marketing executive receives is around INR 2-4 Lakhs. However, it totally depends on the skills of the candidate, specialization and the institute/college from which you received the certification.