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Highlights of our Tally Course

The highlights from our online tally course with GST are listed here.

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Well-designed curriculum
  • Expert Faculty
  • Job-specific training
  • Completion Certificate
  • Placement Assistance

What will you learn in this Tally Course?

Our Tally tutors' attentive approach helps pupils grasp theoretical principles, practical ramifications, and the significance of Tally technology in the future IT business. Our Tally course syllabus offers the knowledge and skills to provide our students with quantifiable Tally solutions. We teach you all the tools and techniques you'll need to be successful with Tally software.

  • Recognize the fundamental elements of Tally.
  • Learn commerce, accounting, and bookkeeping.
  • Structure of Tally Data Processing.
  • GST Entries in Tally - Smart Recording.
  • Configuration of Tax Invoices in Tally.

Our Tally course's structure

Enroll in a course

The first step is to register with us in a Tally online course. After you've completed the registration process, you'll be enrolled in our training program.

Attend the lecture

Attending live sessions for the tally course conducted by our expert instructors is the next stage in our learning program structure.

Obtain a certificate

All students who have registered for a tally course will obtain a recognized certificate at the end of the training program as the final step of our learning system.

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An introduction to the Tally certification course

A Tally course is a highly specialized program in the subject of accounting that helps you understand the principles of the industry and prepares you to utilize the software. Tally is not difficult to learn and is used by experts in the fields of business, management, and finance on a short-term basis. Beginners can either enroll in a professional tally online course offered by reputable institutions or experiment with the software using free resources such as videos and blogs.

Tally assists you in reducing the repetition of records across many books. After the account information is input, it is automatically kept in other books. Tally makes it easy to keep track of your inventory online. If you are considering taking a tally course online with a certificate you are in the right place. My Learning Course offers you the best Tally training program that will offer you the necessary information and expertise.

So, what exactly is Tally?

Tally, also known as Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards, is a popular software program created by Goenkas in 1986. Its primary goal is to undertake accounting tasks in a very precise and systematic manner. It is used by a huge number of small and medium-sized businesses. Tally training is what you should follow if you want to become familiar with various aspects of the software, how it works. Comprehend basic concepts like bookkeeping, profit and loss analysis, stock maintenance, and so on. Tally ERP 9 is the most recent release.

Tally is one of the most popular short-term professional courses for freshmen and working professionals. The course is aimed to assist students to achieve competency in accounting, inventory management, bookkeeping, billing, taxation, and other related fields.

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Syllabus of our Tally Course

My Learning Course

My Learning Course can assist you in locating the best Tally curriculum for you, one that will give you the necessary information and expertise. The Tally training course syllabus has been designed to fulfill the professional requirements of both beginners and advanced Tally users. The following is a list of the topics covered in our Tally computer course online.

  • Type of Accounts, Golden Rules of Accounting
  • Accounting Principles, Concepts, and Conventions
  • Double Entry System of Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statements, Transactions, Recording Transaction
  • Getting fundamental with Tally.ERP9
  • Create and set up a business in Tally.ERP9
  • Accounting Masters in Tally.ERP9
  • F11 Features
  • F12 Configurations
  • Setting up Account Head
  • Stock Group
  • Stock Categories
  • Godowns / Locations
  • Units of Measure
  • Stock Items
  • Accounting Vouchers
  • Inventory Vouchers
  • Invoicing
  • Cost Centers and Cost Categories
  • Multicurrency
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Interest Calculations
  • Budgets & Controls
  • Scenario Management
  • Order Processing
  • Reorder Level
  • Tracking Number
  • Batch-wise details
  • Additional Cost Details
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Price Level and Price List
  • Stock Valuation
  • Inventory Aging Analysis
  • Different and Billed Quantities
  • Features of Point of Sales in Tally.ERP9
  • POS Invoice
  • POS Report
  • Configuration Job Costing in Tally
  • Creating Master for Job Costing
  • Recording transactions
  • Job Costing Report
  • Configuring Tally.ERP9 for Multilingual Capability
  • Creating Master
  • Entering Transactions
  • Generating Report
  • Tally Vault
  • Security Control
  • Tally Auditt
  • Backup and Restoret
  • Split Company datat
  • Export & Importt
  • ODBC Connectivityt
  • Application Management and Control
  • Concept of Control Center
  • Installing & Activating Tally.ERP9
  • Logging to Control Center
  • Managing Accounts using the control center
  • Features Support Center
  • Accessing Support Center
  • Using Support Center
  • Basics of GST
  • Configuring GST Features
  • Creating Masters
  • Entering Transactions
  • GST Report
  • GST Filing
  • Basic Concepts of TDS
  • Configuring TDS in Tally.ERP9
  • Creation Masters
  • Processing Transaction
  • TDS Reports
  • Configuration Payroll in Tally.ERP9
  • Creating Payroll Masters
  • Processing Payroll in Tally.ERP9
  • Accounting for Employer PF Contribution
  • Accounting for Employer ESI Contribution
  • Payment of Professional Tax

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What are the key concepts in the Tally full course?

Tally training is often a one to three-month session in which you will obtain a complete understanding of the software. You will learn fundamentals such as inventory management, TDS and GST calculation, changing company details, and so on. Let's take a look at the major concepts that are covered in the tally course details.


Billing is a typical occurrence in everyday life as well as an important aspect of accounting. When you make an accounting entry, you get a bill that you can use in a variety of ways.


Banks have now become a necessary component of our operations. It is nearly difficult to manage a business nowadays without the involvement of banks and their rules. Candidates will learn how to calculate direct and indirect taxes using concepts such as GST, TDS, and Tally ERP.


To succeed, a company must collaborate with both the federal and state governments. Tally training will educate you with details on Income, VAT, Customs, Excise, and other topics to help you grasp this better.

What are the benefits of Tally for small businesses?

Tally is a program that simplifies accounting calculations. It has become an integral aspect of every company. Tally software is popular among small businesses because it saves time, ensures accuracy, and facilitates business transactions. If you want to become an expert, you can enroll in one of several respected colleges and learn everything you need to know for reasonable Tally GST course fees.

Filling out tax returns

Tally GST ensures that a business follows all GST regulations. For all small firms, it manages TDS returns, service tax returns, VAT filing, excise tax, and financial statements.

Data security

The information entered in Tally is accurate and secure. There is no way to tamper with or change data once it has been entered into the software.

Keeping a budget

Small enterprises operate on a tight budget. Tally enables businesses to operate and manage expenses while keeping track of the entire budget available. This ensures that the corporation does not spend excessively.

Payroll administration

When it comes to paying employees' salaries,several calculations must be made. Tally assists in the management of the company's financial records, which include net deductions, taxes, bonuses, and net payment.

Compliance auditing tool

Tally is used as an audit tool since it performs regular company audits. It performs a thorough compliance audit at the start of the financial year to guarantee that all monetary transactions are completed efficiently.

Documents available quickly

Invoices, receipts, bills, and vouchers are all saved in Tally's archive folder. It allows you to quickly access any previously saved documents. All files about billing can be recovered right away.

What are the prerequisites for learning tally?

To undertake a tally ERP 9 online course, you must meet a set of requirements. Undergraduates and graduates are interested in learning the basics of Tally and entering the accounting field. It is necessary to have a basic understanding of information technology. Must be able to communicate in English and understand it. It's best if the background is commercial. The following are the prerequisites for enrolling in a Tally training program.

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Why should you choose us to learn tally online?

We provide Tally course online training by industry experts under current industry requirements. The basis of our training is our industrial trainers. Tally's principles and concepts are well-understood by them. Tally training approaches based on real-world business situations. Our practical training enables students to handle and deliver real-time projects in a professional setting.

Sessions that are intelligently guided
Training led by Certified Experts
Hands-on learning opportunities
Industry experts designed curriculum
Globally recognized Tally Certification
Assistance with the job search

Job opportunities after completing a Tally course

Learning Tally and gaining a certificate will help you advance in your profession or improve your career development. Increased accounting, inventory management, and taxes expertise will provide your career a much-needed boost. Your chances of being hired as an accountant by a multinational firm or a company of your choice will increase significantly once you complete a tally certificate course online. The majority of Indian organizations are looking for applicants with Tally skills on their resumes for positions in accounting. Following are some of the most common job opportunities after completing a Tally course:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Tally course is beneficial for accountants and stock specialists. This course will assist you in comprehending the importance of task schedule planning, job costing, and how to use them effectively.

It is not difficult to learn Tally. It's a straightforward accounting program that aids in the management of accounts. It is easily usable by students from both the business and non-commerce disciplines.

Most businesses regard Tally ERP 9 to be trustworthy and difficult to hack. As a result, the best tally course on the market is one that teaches ERP 9.

Tally clerical tasks are used to run the accounts and sales divisions. Double-check the accuracy of the product against the invoice documentation. Customer payments must be checked and received. Record bank deposits and payments, then reconcile them with the books.

Tally's programming language is TDL. The versatility of Tally is partly due to this programming language. It enhances the default capabilities of the Tally software system.

Tally professionals' typical income ranges from INR 5 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs for tally certificate holders. Candidates can earn an annual payout of INR 2,00,000- 4,00,000 after acquiring a basic or intermediate level certificate in Tally. Candidates who master an online tally course with a certificate in advanced level can earn a pay raise with a starting compensation package of roughly 8,00,000.