How Does SEO Cost in 2023: Factors, Pricing Models, and Strategies

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The price of SEO can vary greatly depending on a number of variables, including the level of competition, the target market, the company’s objectives, and the SEO service provider’s level of experience. By enhancing a website’s exposure and rankings on search engine result pages, SEO services hope to increase organic traffic and open up new business opportunities. This article examines the variables that can affect SEO costs, such as the technical characteristics of the website, levels of competition, the target market, the location of the SEO service provider, and various price structures. Businesses may choose the best SEO service provider for their unique requirements by understanding these aspects and making informed decisions about their SEO investment.

What is the cost of SEO?

Research showed that the usual cost of SEO was between $3,000 and $7,500 per month. SEO services cost different amounts based on how competitive the keywords you want to use are, what services are included, and what kind of SEO agency you choose (US, overseas, freelancer, etc.). Local SEO efforts cost less, about $1,400 per month on average.

What Can Change the Price of SEO?

No matter which SEO service you choose for your business, the final cost of SEO will rely on many factors, such as:

How well your website works technically in general and how well the CMS (content management system) works for the information on the website. For example, My Learning Course is one of the best companies for building eCommerce websites, and the websites we build for our customers are made to go above and beyond what Google and other search engine algorithms require.

If your site is technically sound and was built with SEO and eCommerce best practices in mind, it’s a lot easier to improve it in a way that works well and quickly. Most CMS don’t do a very good job in this area (we’re looking at you, Magento).

The exposure that already exists in organic search. If you start with a brand-new website that has no domain authority and no rankings, expect to pay more or wait longer to see results.

Company awareness and exposure that already exist. Check out the last point.

  • The aims and goals of a business. That includes how you think natural traffic from search engines like Google and Bing will help you reach your goals.
  • Competition. The overall level of competition will depend on your business and the buzzwords you need to target. SEO takes time to work, so if you want faster results, you need to spend more time and money on it.
  • Target group and demographic. Do you want to run a national or international SEO effort, or do you run a local business that only serves a small area? This may or may not change the cost of your SEO strategy as a whole.

How skilled is the company that offers SEO services? 

Those with real knowledge and a wide range of skills are more likely to have proven results and can therefore charge more. Because they keep getting proven results, they are busy, more online businesses want their SEO services, and their services are worth more because they bring in more organic traffic.

Location of SEO Service:

Location matters a lot, there are various factors related to location that keep the prices low of SEO, despite the proven skills and experience. This could be one of the things you want to think about.


At first, choosing a cheap SEO company based in India, for example, might sound like a good idea. However, if you want to optimize your website for English speakers, make sure the company you choose has a good grasp of the English language. This is true of all languages. Also, think about time zones, contact, and other things that are out of your control.


Look for a company that has worked in your business before, but be ready to pay more because of that. Your hard work will pay off in the end.

Pricing Models for SEO:

Whether you hire a cheap SEO consultant from a foreign country or a well-known eCommerce SEO service, you can expect to see a few different pricing models:

SEO Pricing Based on Retainers and Monthly Plans:

Many SEO companies offer contracts that last a month or a year and are based on a monthly plan. SEO services plan their strategies several months in advance and take time at least once a month to think about our work, results, and growth.

It’s crucial for the client and SEO service to communicate back and forth for the greatest outcomes. Even if we have standard plans, it’s crucial to understand that the best method to accomplish SEO isn’t to have a company that offers universal SEO plans that everyone can use.

The quality and relevancy of the backlinks pointing to your website are considerably more essential than the amount, so be aware of organizations that claim they can develop a certain number of them each month. These “per-assembled” monthly packages do not limit our techniques, even while we set up our SEO duties and goals on a monthly basis to keep things organized and make work go more easily. On the other hand, the best SEO services are always customized to what we anticipate will generate the most revenue.

SEO Rates per Hour

SEO costs anywhere from $50 per hour to more than $250 per hour, based on which SEO company you hire.

SEO Only Once Costs

If you’re prepared to engage an SEO business or even just an SEO consultant to perform certain SEO services, some SEO companies do provide one-time SEO work. The majority of the time, this is accomplished through an SEO audit, but it is also possible to achieve this goal by just optimizing the website once, without a commitment.

An in-depth examination of a website’s performance with search engine optimization is known as an SEO audit. Consider it an examination of the well-being of your website. Similar to how a doctor examines your health, an SEO audit examines the technical setup, content quality, and search engine exposure of your website. The audit’s objective is to identify any issues that might be hindering your website’s ability to rank well on search engine results pages (SERPs). Once the audit is complete, you can choose whether to work on SEO yourself to save money or engage a company.

A reputable, knowledgeable SEO company would typically charge between $5,000 and $10,000 for an assessment of your SEO.

Typical SEO Plans

Numerous businesses provide various SEO services, and each plan has a unique range or quantity of services. Here are some SEO plan examples that will show you how a basic SEO plan and an SEO strategy for a big business differ from one another.

Costs of Local SEO

The target location is only one factor that influences the pricing. Local SEO services may be less expensive than attempting to rank nationally for the same set of keywords. Additionally, a lot of local businesses require an SEO campaign that uses a variety of tactics, such as ranking in Google Maps results.

Local SEO typically costs less because there is less competition. As part of a local SEO strategy, city modifiers are frequently placed at the end or beginning of the primary term. Ranking for that phrase is now considerably simpler as a result.

Costs for local SEO still vary depending on the parameters we discussed before, but they typically range from $250 to $3,000 monthly.

The cost of eCommerce SEO

The price of SEO for an eCommerce site depends on a variety of factors, including the level of competition, the size, and age of the site, as well as the industry it operates in.

  • Competition: The level of competition for the keywords you want to rank for will have a significant impact on the price of SEO. You might have to put in more effort if you want to rank ahead of your rivals for highly searched-for phrases.
  • The website’s size: Your eCommerce site’s number of products, categories, and pages may have an impact on how much SEO will cost. If a website is more complex, optimizing it for search engines typically requires more effort and resources. Since adding content to category pages is a key component of an SEO strategy, the cost of the campaign will be more or the number of months it will take to fully optimize the website will be longer if content needs to be generated for 5,000 pages as opposed to 500 pages.

Budget considerations for SEO: 

When setting a budget for your SEO plan, be important to consider what you can afford to spend. Always keep in mind that SEO takes time to develop and doesn’t yield results right away, so be sure you’re paying a price that you feel comfortable devoting 12 to 18 months to. Don’t forget to consider the contract with the agency as well. Some SEO companies offer annual agreements, while others only have month-to-month ones, giving you more financial flexibility.

The following are some additional budgetary considerations:

  • Objects and goals: What do you hope to accomplish with SEO? A rise in traffic? improved rankings? higher sales? You and your SEO agency can decide how much money you need to invest to reach your goals by having a thorough grasp of them.
  • Competition: The degree of competition for your chosen keywords will have a significant impact on the cost of SEO services. You may need to invest more resources to rank effectively if your target keywords are more competitive. Ask prospective SEO companies to evaluate the opposition, and make sure to bring up any competitors you want to exceed in the conversation.
  • Current state of the website: An SEO audit will give you a thorough overview of your website’s current state and the work necessary to improve its ranking. This will enable you to establish the resources necessary and, consequently, the SEO services budget.
  • Starting with paid advertising, like a Google Ads campaign, would likely be beneficial as a supplement to your SEO efforts if you need to drive sales right away. In addition, OuterBox provides some of the best Ads management services in the country, so chat with us about how we can make your campaign as effective as possible.

Why Choose My Learning Course for SEO Services

Choosing the right SEO partner is crucial to unlocking the full potential of your online success. We will explore why My Learning Course should be your top choice, and how they can propel your business to new heights.

Proven Track Record of Success:

When selecting an SEO service provider, it’s vital to consider their track record of success. We have a proven history of delivering exceptional results for our clients. They have a portfolio of satisfied customers who have witnessed significant improvements in their search engine rankings, organic traffic, and overall online visibility. By choosing us, you can be confident that you are partnering with a trusted and reliable SEO expert.

Tailored Strategies for Your Unique Needs:

Every business has a unique strategy, as do their goals and target audiences. My Learning Course SEO Services understands the importance of crafting tailored strategies that align with your business objectives. They conduct a thorough analysis of your industry, competitors, and target audience to develop a comprehensive SEO plan that suits your specific requirements. By understanding your business’s unique needs, our SEO services can implement customized tactics to drive optimal results and help you outrank your competitors.

Cutting-Edge Techniques and Tools:

The field of SEO is constantly evolving, with search engines updating their algorithms regularly. Our SEO services stay at the forefront of industry trends and utilize cutting-edge techniques and tools to maximize your online visibility. Their team of SEO experts keeps a keen eye on algorithm changes and adapts their strategies accordingly, ensuring that your website remains in sync with the latest best practices. By leveraging advanced tools and technologies, My Learning Course SEO Services ensures that your website achieves sustainable and long-term growth.

Transparent and Ethical Approach:

Trust and transparency are paramount when selecting an SEO service provider. Our SEO services take pride in maintaining a transparent and ethical approach in all their client interactions. They provide regular reports and updates on the progress of your SEO campaigns, keeping you informed about the key metrics, rankings, and improvements achieved. Moreover, they strictly adhere to industry standards and ethical guidelines, ensuring that all SEO practices employed are legitimate and align with search engine policies.

Comprehensive Range of Services:

In addition to their expertise in SEO, our SEO services offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing services to support your overall online strategy. From content marketing and social media optimization to pay-per-click advertising and conversion rate optimization, they provide holistic solutions to amplify your online presence and drive tangible business results. By having a single partner for all your digital marketing needs, you can streamline your efforts and achieve a cohesive online marketing strategy.

Final Words:

When planning their digital marketing budget, businesses need to take a number of factors into account that affects SEO costs. Factors such as technical website optimization, competition levels, target audience, and the expertise of the SEO service provider play a crucial role in determining the cost of SEO. While there is a wide range of pricing models, including monthly retainers, hourly rates, and one-time SEO services, it is important to choose an SEO service provider that offers tailored strategies, transparency, a proven track record of success, and a comprehensive range of services. By investing strategically in SEO and partnering with a reliable and experienced SEO service provider like My Learning Course, businesses can unlock their online potential, achieve higher search engine rankings, and drive sustainable growth in organic traffic and online visibility.