What is Meme Marketing And How Does It Influence The Digital World?

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Meme Marketing Trend

Meme marketing is a new trend in digital marketing that has the potential to revolutionize the industry! Meme culture is a way of life today, with an average millennial viewing 20-30 memes each day. Memes have provided relatable content to the internet since their inception ranging from amusing photos to videos that become viral in a matter of seconds. It has a strong following, so it can be repeated, recreated, and overused numerous times until becoming obsolete.

Memes have stolen the focus in recent years. It has put traditional advertising on the back foot. Sharing memes on social media became popular not very long ago as people, particularly Generation Z, used humor to communicate their views on several topics. Memes now move at the speed of light. Friendly social media conversation via memes was a novel concept that swept the world.

Everyone is seeking an effective meme marketing plan with the rise of social media. This post will cover all you need to know about memes, including how to use them for marketing and a few more main aspects of meme marketing, as listed below.

  • What is a Meme?
  • What is the meaning of Meme Marketing?
  • How can Memes be used in marketing?
  • What is the role of Memes in digital marketing?
  • Why should a business use Meme Marketing?
  • Meme Marketing Examples from Well-Known Brands
  • Frequently Answered Questions
  • Final thoughts

What is a Meme?

A meme is a text-enhanced image that has gone viral and usually has made a point about cultural icons, societal concepts, or recent events. A meme is usually a visual or video, although it can also be a piece of text. When a meme strikes a chord with many people, it gets shared on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Memes have become a worldwide phenomenon.

Memes are usually amusing, but they frequently include humorous social or political commentary. It also conveys a lot more information than only plain text. A meme can transmit a complex notion, state of mind, or common understanding significantly faster than typing out and reading a textual description of an idea, similar to the usage of emojis for conveying complex ideas of mood or emotion.

What is the meaning of Meme Marketing?

What began as amusing banter has evolved into a full-fledged marketing plan. Brands create fresh meme templates to promote a specific event, web show, or new product.  As a result, a new sort of Digital Marketing known as’ meme marketing’ has emerged. Memes have such a powerful influence on people that they can instantly enhance sales and spread a brand’s reach. Memes are the best pals of social media managers. It helps them raise page activity, build a fun-loving audience network, and strengthen their branding.

Memes have evolved into a language for everyone, from trolling to casual banter, whether on Zomato, Swiggy, Tinder, or elsewhere.

Brands are pursuing additional commercial opportunities aimed at young people with high spending power. The Pandemic has enhanced the effectiveness of this marketing technique. Memes have become the activity that links brands to their target customer as people spend much more time indoors with their phones as their only companion.

What is the role of Memes in Digital Marketing?

The use of memes has a wide range of applications in the digital marketing field. Meme marketing is still in its infancy, and it is changing all the time. Memes are simple to make, and there are many online meme makers with whom brands can collaborate to stay relevant. Businesses typically commence their meme marketing campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, and many more. There were 4.33 billion social media users globally at the start of 2021. Social media sites’ capabilities encourage visual material, allowing memes to reach millions of people quickly. Memes have become an integral aspect of modern communication. That’s more than half of the world’s population. The unique and catchy manner of concise yet significant messaging used by meme creators appeals to busy people. It’s incredible to think about how clever meme designers are, condensing a powerful message into a single image.

How can Memes be used in marketing?

meme marketing

Do you want people to interact with your brand on social media in a fun way? Have you thought about using memes as part of your digital marketing campaign? In the digital age, memes have evolved into a cultural currency that you can see on all social media networks. They’re short, hilarious pieces of content with an image and text that get consumed quickly. Is it, however, possible to use Memes in marketing? Many business powerhouses are wooing customers with simple, at the same time, brilliant memes. Zomato, for example, came out on top on Independence Day with a hilarious social media post that said, “Sorry, we aren’t accepting orders anymore – India, 15th August 1947.”

  1. Memes need to be original

Original content is difficult to develop because you must gather material for the meme, establish a format, and include some relatable comments. It also requires more time, effort, and originality, but at the same time, it will have a better chance of getting noticed.

  1. Identifiable with audience

A meme needs to be relatable to the audience. A meme will not resonate with viewers if it does not touch on a situation acquainted with them. Also, the message must be basic and natural enough to reach an audience if it involves text or voice-over commentaries.

  1. Meme creation timing

Some memes are only popular for a short time. It usually occurs when they work around an event that is not widely known by the general public. If you’re trying to duplicate a meme, make sure the timing is correct, as the meme may have faded in popularity by the time you share it on social media.

  1. Brand relevance

A meme must be consistent with the brand identity you’ve established. If it works, it will demonstrate the benefits of your offerings while bringing the audience closer to you. If a meme does not seamlessly match your business’s voice, it will not elicit a response from people, and your brand’s integrity may suffer as a result.

  1. Research your Memes

Before publishing your memes on social networking sites, it’s critical to perform little research on them. You have to verify that the topic is not delicate, the meme’s background isn’t unpleasant, and the meme’s concept doesn’t insult any community members.

  1. Quickness is essential

It’s vital to keep up with the most recent trends. There are a bunch of great memes that acquire traction and then fade away within just a week. As a result, you must seize a trend as soon as possible and apply it to your business.

  1. Repost Memes Created by Others

Meme makers frequently accept or even invite people to repost their content because memes by default are shared. Marketers can modify and reshare memes directly, but make sure what you’re sharing makes sense and fits your brand’s personality.

  1. Make a Meme archive

You have to build a meme library of content by utilizing existing memes or creating your own. Choose from a variety of popular meme templates, as well as viral videos, photos, and GIFs, and afterward make your caption. You can also rework a popular GIF or movie scene’s dialogue.

Why should a business use Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing has made it simple for firms to catch the attention of their target customers on social media. The biggest ice-breaker between consumers and the brand is the meme. Over 400 million people use social media networks. In India, a considerable fraction of this population uses social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.  As a result, in today’s environment, businesses must leverage this technology to create the best digital marketing strategy for acquiring new customers and converting them into paying customers. Businesses can take advantage of current meme trends to not only sell their products and services but also to motivate customers to take action. Buying their products, raising brand awareness, and simply enhancing social media activity are all things that memes may help them.

meme marketing strategies

  1. Memes are inexpensive 

Memes are the most cost-effective type of content you can generate on social networking sites. They won’t take up much of your time if you’re imaginative enough. All you’ll need is a concept, a meme template, and simple editing software. You don’t have to make an original image or video; you can use current media by merely putting a description or a variation.

  1. Memes lead to quicker responses

Memes generate an immediate reaction from the audience, which is possible either by collecting the most shares or by reaching a stalemate without becoming viral. The main goal of a meme is to go viral, and this is something that every brand has tackled since the inception of social media.

  1. Memes are easily shared

Memes are the most easily shared content on the internet nowadays. A significant aspect of a meme is humor, and the funnier the meme, the more it will spread. More shares equal increased interaction, which can help you establish brand awareness.

  1. Memes are simple to create

Memes are simple to create with cell phones, a creative team, or even a single person with simple internet-connected devices. You can construct a meme centered on a concept in any setting, which can help spread an idea and bring people together to support it.

  1. Connection with the people

Memes offer a great appeal in such a short amount of time because they relate to everybody. Creators choose scenes from our daily lives and turn them into a meme. Memes must be such that the items and services promoted through them connect with the target audience.

  1. Boost your brand’s visibility

Memes also have a good potential of going viral. Every company and business wishes for their product or service to go viral. It not only increases your brand’s visibility, but it can also attract a flood of traffic to the website.

  1. Simple to comprehend

Memes intend to be extremely simple to comprehend, but they may cram a lot of information in a single image. Memes featuring well-known movie characters or iconic statements from current events are widespread. Almost anyone can comprehend the majority of memes.

  1. Foster a sense of belonging

Memes are amusing, which encourages your followers to interact with one another. They give your audience a feeling of belongingness since they can identify with the circumstance you’re describing, and everyone is laughing at the very same joke.

Meme Marketing Examples from well-known brands

Meme’s effectiveness as a digital marketing tactic is debatable. Create a meme that is unique to your business. This form of communication is familiar to the generations you’re trying to target. So, if it makes sense and is legal, there’s no reason you shouldn’t use memes in your marketing. Incorporating memes in any digital marketing plan should be purposeful rather than haphazard. You can use memes without hesitation on social networking platforms. Here are some of the most successful meme marketing examples in recent years to give a sense of how businesses use memes to get a better result.

meme marketing examples

  1. Food Delivery, as a modern-day company, acknowledges that the majority of its target market enjoys spending hours on social media, which is among the primary reasons why the marketing team at Online Food Delivery places such a high priority on social media.
  2. OTT is well-known for having a large social media following, with millions of likes on its Facebook and Twitter pages. That doesn’t keep them from creating humorous memes to grow their audience.
  3. Nescafe cold coffee from Nestle released a series of humorous memes starring brand spokesperson Disha Patani, which received lots of comments and likes from people almost immediately.
  4. E-Commerce manages to boost traffic and sales on social media sites with its well-timed, designed content and humor. Customers are most of the time informed about discounts or the launch of new clothing through memes posted on their social sites.
  5. Chipotle has a propensity for being inventive in all of its endeavors. They are masters of everything from TikTok videos to Instagram memes. Several elements come into play, beginning with a few emojis they used for creating a meme out of their product.

Frequently Answered Questions

  1. What’s the best way to share a meme?

The process of sharing a meme varies by platform. To publish a meme on Facebook, go to the photographs option, scroll to the gallery, select the meme you would like to share, and click the share icon in the top right corner.

  1. What are the best places to look for memes?

Memes are widely available on a variety of social media platforms. Popular websites are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Kapwing and Pinterest are popular examples of websites that specialize on meme templates.

  1. What is the best way to make a meme for free?

Anyone who has a connection to the internet and an electronic device can create memes for free. You might even make memes on your smartphone for free using several free software. Meme generator and memetic are a few examples.

  1. Is it possible for businesses to benefit from Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing may be effective if done right. It goes beyond branded content that makes people gag and gives them something useful. Because memes are built expressly for social networks and give value through fun, they work for brands.

  1. What is it about memes that makes them so popular?

Memes give a brand a sense of being current and relevant. A meme can go a long way toward transforming a brand’s image from stuffy to hip. People adore them, and businesses thrive when their customers are satisfied.</>

  1. What is the best way to learn about meme marketing?

You can begin by enrolling in a free Digital Marketing course. Once you’re familiar with
meme marketing, you can make your own memes to promote your business or provide your professional knowledge.

Final thoughts

Meme marketing has created a buzz in today’s business world. Memes can be the most significant component of your marketing plan if you follow a few guidelines. Meme-marketing, when done effectively, may be beneficial. Memes are a terrific method to communicate with your audience instead of just leaving promotion to branded material. This famous marketing strategy generates a lot of interest in the company and helps it earn more followers.

Memes are a crucial part of online marketing, and most major corporations are increasingly using them in their marketing strategies to expand their reach to potential customers. Many people desire to enroll in a digital marketing course to advance their careers in this rapidly growing area. If you’re one of them, go to My Learning Course to learn more about the scope of digital marketing and the certifications available to help you improve your job profile and land a dream job.